by Cristian Arizaga


REV 2018


Working under the direction of Tony Devenyi, Production Designer, 
and Rick Willoughby, Art Director.    
Teamed up with Glen Schroeder, we had the challenge to make this happen in 5 weeks, Glen tackled the interior while I did the exterior. We used two working Nissan Leaf, but I would have preferred to design my own chassis if we had the time. Not many technical drawings were required because I provided all the CNC files for vacuum forms for the exterior and foam parts for the Dashboard, Center console, and Steering Wheel 3d printed parts.
For this project, I produced:
12 3d models.
4 Construction Detail Drawings.
18 Render Images.
16 3d Printed Parts to make one full "REV" at  1/4" scale 3d printed Model.
3 3d Models for VFX to use on the scenes.