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by Cristian Arizaga


REV 2018


Under the esteemed direction of Tony Devenyi, Production Designer, and Rick Willoughby, Art Director, I had the pleasure of working on an exciting project. Alongside Glen Schroeder, we embarked on the challenge of bringing this concept to life within a tight timeframe of just five weeks. Glen focused on the interior while I took on the task of designing the exterior. We utilized two working Nissan Leaf vehicles as the base, although I would have preferred the opportunity to design the chassis from scratch if time had allowed.

Given the time constraints, extensive technical drawings were not required. However, I provided all the necessary CNC files for the vacuum forms used in the exterior, as well as foam parts for the Dashboard, Center Console, and Steering Wheel, which were 3D printed to ensure precision.

For this project, my contributions included:

Creation of 12 detailed 3D models, capturing the intricacies of the design.
Development of 4 Construction Detail Drawings, providing necessary guidance for the modifications and assembly process.
Production of 18 render images, enabling visualization and exploration of different angles and lighting conditions.
3D printing of 16 parts to assemble a complete "REV" vehicle at a 1/4" scale, showcasing attention to detail and realism.
Designing and providing three 3D models for Visual Effects, enhancing the scenes with seamless integration of virtual elements.
Collaborating on this project was a thrilling experience, and I am proud of the work we accomplished within the tight deadline. I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of design and utilizing my skills to bring innovative concepts to life.

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