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by Cristian Arizaga




During my time on the production, I had the privilege of working under the direction of Dan Dorrance, Production Designer, and Gran Van Der Slaght, Art Director. Unfortunately, after six months of production, the show was ultimately cancelled.

The particular piece I was involved in marked the beginning of a concept. Initially, the idea was to create a container configuration to serve as a checkpoint and construct a section of the bridge's top part on a stage, with the remainder being handled by CGI through VFX. However, the plans shifted, and the concept was transformed into a location. Unfortunately, the set was never built due to the cancellation.

In my role on this project, I produced the following:

12 intricate 3D models, which captured the essence of the original concept and design.
18 render images, created in collaboration with Millena Motta, to visualize and explore various perspectives and lighting conditions.
I also worked on a possible 3D model for potential use in Visual Effects, providing a digital representation that could be incorporated seamlessly into the production.
Though the show's cancellation was disappointing, I am proud of the work I contributed during the six months of production. It was a valuable experience to collaborate with talented professionals and be part of the early stages of this concept. I remain eager to bring my skills and creativity to future projects, continuing to contribute to the world of visual storytelling.

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