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by Cristian Arizaga



Under the esteemed direction of Jeremy Stanbridge, Production Designer, and Michael Corrado, Art Director, I had the pleasure of working on a unique project. The fabrication of this piece involved the use of Styrofoam blocks, which allowed for flexibility and visual appeal. Given the nature of the construction, detailed drawings were not extensively required, as it relied more on visual aesthetics.

To facilitate the fabrication process, I provided all the necessary CNC files for the various parts involved. This ensured precise cutting and assembly, akin to a jigsaw puzzle, with accompanying instructions for seamless construction.

Throughout the project, my contributions included:

Creation of 12 detailed 3D models, capturing the essence and intricacies of the design.
Development of 20 CNC-ready files, facilitating the precise cutting and fabrication of the parts.
Production of 3 Construction Detail Drawings, offering guidance for assembly and construction processes.
Generation of 18 render images, aiding in visualization and showcasing different perspectives and lighting conditions.
Crafting one meticulously designed 3D model specifically tailored for Visual Effects, integrating seamlessly into the scenes.
Working on this project was an exciting endeavour, with an emphasis on visual impact and craftsmanship. I take pride in my ability to provide accurate and precise CNC files, ensuring the successful realization of the design.

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