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by Cristian Arizaga


Fortuna Cargo Hold

During my involvement in the Lost in Space project, I had the privilege of working under the guidance of Alec Hammond, Production Designer, and Benoit Waller, Art Director. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, working remotely from home, it was an incredible experience to contribute to such an expansive project with numerous diverse sets. Additionally, I am proud to mention that our team's exceptional work was recognized with a nomination for an Art Director's Guild award.

Throughout the project, my contributions were substantial, including the creation of 140 intricate 3D models, the meticulous development of 102 Construction Detail Drawings, the production of 214 render images for in-depth discussions and Tech Packs, as well as the crafting of 27 precise 3D models for Visual Effects purposes.

It was an honour to be part of a talented team and to play a significant role in bringing the vision of the Fortuna Cargo Hold to life.

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