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by Cristian Arizaga



During my involvement in the project, I had the privilege of working under the direction of Sheila Haley, Production Designer, and Anand Ray, Art Director. The versatility of this particular set was remarkable, as it underwent multiple transformations throughout the show's episodes. Originally designed as the interior of a Japanese Castle, it then transitioned into a wine cellar and, finally, transformed into a stunning 1920s Art-deco bar.

Due to the episodic nature of the show, there was limited time available to work on this set. However, thanks to the exceptional work of the Set-dec team, who beautifully dressed the set, I was inspired to independently decorate it further. It was a testament to the collaborative and creative spirit of the production.

In terms of my contributions to this project, I produced the following:

Twelve intricate 3D models capture the essence of the set's different iterations.
6 CNC-ready files, ensuring precision and accuracy in the manufacturing process.
Nine detailed Construction Detail Drawings, providing guidance and instructions for the construction team.
18 render images showcasing various perspectives and lighting conditions, allowing for visualization and discussions.
Despite the limited time available, I am proud of the work I accomplished on this set. It was a pleasure to bring my skills and creativity to enhance the overall design and atmosphere.

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