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by Cristian Arizaga

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 Under the esteemed guidance of Frank Walsh, Production Designer, and John Alvarez, Supervisor Art Director, I had the privilege of working on an extraordinary project. What began as a Visual Effects (VFX) model eventually transformed into a standing set skillfully mounted on a gimbal by the special effects team.

The primary objective was to create the interior of the service pod vehicles and seamlessly integrate it with the existing VFX model. To achieve this, I had to modify wall thickness to accommodate sturdy metal frames and ensure the structures were "talent safe." The VFX team utilized my model for the scene, further enhancing the visual impact.

Throughout the project, I made significant contributions. I developed 30 detailed 3D models, capturing the intricate details of the service pod vehicles' interiors. Additionally, I created 12 Construction Detail Drawings, providing precise instructions for construction and ensuring structural integrity. To aid visualization and discussions, I produced 18 render images, allowing the team to explore different perspectives and lighting conditions. Utilizing the expertise of Joe Parker, He 3D printed nine parts to create a fully assembled "Service Pod" at a 1/2" scale. Lastly, I crafted a meticulously designed 3D model specifically tailored for Visual Effects, seamlessly integrating virtual elements into the production.

Being part of this remarkable project was an exhilarating experience, and I am proud to have played a role in bringing the service pod vehicles to life.

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